March 2, 2011

Beauty comes in beauty way

What makes people think that you are beauty? Is it come by it self or we need to condition ourselves to be that way? Why people attempts so hard being that way? Are we gonna get social punishment if we were ugly? Living my life or living somebody's else?

I would rather think that beauty has its own word, has its own way. Not in the dresses or suits we wore. It can not be shaped. I would rather like beauty comes in person who living by his own rules, his determinations, his dreams. People with passion, not just living. Become a center of the universe. Always flaming when most fire goes down. When you can run free from anything, no one can catch you. No one ever does. So burden less. Freely.

Beauty is a word that usually most people use to describe something they can catch with their eyes. When you responses to their comments and start to fix it. Why would you do that? expecting applause? or people's mouth discomforts you?

These whole questions that go around in your head are people's creation. Do you ever think to stop listening them and just be whatsoever you are? It slowly leads to your beauty minds and soul. Humble. That is what all the points are. Insist the world see you, not you see the world. Put your earplug on. Be yourself. Period.


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